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It all started with "Hallelujah" at a Linedance Party in 2010. At that time the so called "Catalan Style" wasn´t so well known. We searched for more dances in this style and dances like "Brotherhood" and "West Party" turned our attention to the Voghera Country Festival in Italy.

So we traveled to Italy and we were so impressed by the special, energetic atmosphere, the fast and advanced dances and the friendly connections between the different nations. Since then we love this special style of dancing and we try to circulate it in Germany and keep in contact with friends beyond the national borders.


We have been a part of the "United Countries" since 2013 and we are very happy about it. A very special moment at the Voghera Festival in 2014 was with the dance "Timebomb", when Adriano Castagnoli asked us to dance in the first row as the representatives of the Catalan Style in Germany! It was such a fantastic experience and a great honour for us! We are still very thankful!

Our personal highlight of the Voghera Country Festival 2015:

Beeing part of "Wild Country & Friends" !!